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Say Hello to Unshakeable Confidence: I Can, I Will, Watch Me!

Monday, March 26th, 2018

There can be a general assumption that women aren’t naturally confident, that’s it’s something most of us have to ‘grow’ into. If you feel this way you could be forgiven for holding onto the belief that confidence is something to be worked on. A quick scan of your favourite Disney films – or most films with female characters will show that for almost all female leads, confidence or bravery comes about as a result of facing a fear. To a degree there is some truth in the fact that confidence grows after taking action but this is only part of the story.


Say Goodbye to Uncertainty & Self-Imposed Walls

Monday, March 12th, 2018

In this months newsletter I spoke about getting to a place where fear of failure wouldn’t be an issue. Wouldn’t it be great to dive into things headfirst without worrying about all the things that could go wrong? Often we can become our own worst enemies. On our journey we create problems that aren’t there and let uncertainty and doubt stop us dead in our tracks.