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A How To Guide For Summer

Monday, July 25th, 2011

We often hear about the many mums who struggle to find fun things to do as a family during the summer months. With the prospect of the long summer holidays ahead, we have been focussing on finding ways to enjoy this time, instead of dreading it as so many mums have done in the past! We have now created a short guide to help you find fun activities to do with your children during the sunny months. We hope you find it a useful tool for the holidays now and in the future. (more…)

Designer Offering £750 Worth Of Design And Print Work To Support A Business Mum!

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Ces Loftus (known as @Ces_Creatively on twitter) is a mum of 3 from Poole. In May 2006 her 4th son was still born at full term and she has overcome adversity to make a successful new cyber career. Ces says:

“When my son died I almost died too. During the following few years I had several miscarriages, was grief stricken and went through a rough time on many levels as I lost my business, got into debt and felt like my life was collapsing around me.
Having worked as a brand image designer in agencies across the UK during my fifteen year career before becoming self employed, I set my business back up from scratch with no budget or funding in 2008. Purely by being innovative, self marketing and creating a biz brand buzz online I have taken my business from struggling to flourishing and I want to help other multitasking mums to do the same!” (more…)

Get Set For Summer!

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Are you the sort of mum who cannot wait to have the kids home from school all summer or do you feel completely daunted by the prospect? Most mums would probably own up to the latter, especially if they are working mums or have other daytime commitments. (more…)