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Juggling Work, Childcare And Guilt

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Do you remember your childhood summer holidays, when the days were filled with a choice of fun-packed activities or long, lazy lie-ins? Now you’re a mum, it is much more likely that your children’s summer holidays are going to consist of a frenzied attempt at trying to juggle work commitments and fulfilling childcare needs. Top this off with a big helping of Guilt and your dread for this time of year begins!

The summer holidays can be especially difficult for mums trying to maintain a good work/life balance. Try to make a change this year and at the top of your overwhelming Summer Holiday To Do List write, “I am happy with my childcare decisions!”

If you are struggling to eliminate your feelings of guilt entirely, try to see if you can alter your working options. Many employers allow their staff to work flexi-time, allowing you to take time off during holidays in exchange for working weekends. You could also share out your time off with your partner: they could take the first week off, you the next and both together for the final week. That leaves just a short time left to fill with childcare options. (more…)

Preparing For Holiday Excitement.

Monday, July 12th, 2010

The build up to the summer holidays can be overwhelming, especially when you are wondering what to do with your excitable children during the long annual break! Here are some great tips to help you contain your children’s excitement whilst keeping them entertained in the summer sun.

Set Up A Play Room Or Play Area
Children often go from room to room leaving remnants of a whirlwind in their wake. Trying to keep up with the tidying and all your other household chores can be exhausting, especially if you are also juggling other duties such as work responsibilities.

If you’ve the space, set up a play area or play room that the children can concentrate their mess, rather than spreading all over the entire house! Although they can leave games out in this room to continue playing with the next day, it is important you encourage them to put away toys with which they are no longer playing. A great time to have a tidy up session is before tea or bedtime. (more…)