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Make ‘Me Time’ A Reality.

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

At Empowering Mums, we actively encourage our mums to take control of their lives and to take care of themselves. Here are some great tips to ensuring ‘me time’ becomes a reality in your life.

Value Yourself: Value Your Time
If you constantly find yourself taking care of the needs of others but never your own, ask yourself how much you value your time. If you never find time to satisfy your own needs, how can you truly value your own life? It is essential you take time out to relax, revitalise yourself and enjoy life!

Take Care Of You
Imagine if you ran on batteries and suddenly your power was drained. How would your family cope? Before you completely burn out, make sure you look after your own wellbeing. If you continue to neglect your own needs, you will become exhausted and resentful, leaving you and your family in an unhappy state. Taking care of yourself will enable you to become a more energetic and enthusiastic mum – a great gift for your children! (more…)

A Mother’s Day Message From Empowering Mums!

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

This Mother’s Day, enjoy your day and allow yourself to feel special. Realise the invaluable contribution you make to the lives of your children and allow them, in their special way, to show how thankful they are for all you do for them. Soak up their attention and enjoy the cuddles, hugs, kisses, and special treats they bestow upon you! Most of all, enjoy the opportunity to relax on your special Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day celebrations date back to the times of ancient Greeks. While it was celebrated in a small way during that time, it gained popularity and momentum in the early 19th century and in the present times, is practiced in full force. Though Mother’ Day is celebrated at various times throughout the world, the feelings and emotions associated with the day is the same.

A mother is someone whose love never ends: it only increases and grows with time. She loves her children even before they are born and continues to do so all her life.

A special poem for mum!

Dear Lord, it’s such a hectic day
With little time to stop and pray
For life’s been anything but calm (more…)

Empowering Working Mums As International Women’s Day Is Celebrated

Monday, March 8th, 2010

As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, 8th March, a new online resource provided by Empowering Mumpreneurs has been launched to enable working mums who face the challenging task of coping with the day to day reality of running a business, supporting a family and managing a home to seek professional support from an experienced and qualified professional coach.  Empowering Mumpreneurs now provides online coaching to help women focus on and develop their business, whilst encouraging, motivating and inspiring them to succeed!

International Women’s Day is a global day that celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, IWD is a national holiday.  The Online Coaching Signature Programme offered by Empowering Mumpreneurs, From Seed to Success, is designed to support women business owners by helping them to investigate ways in which they can successfully develop and grow their business, whether it’s a new start-up in its infancy or an established business. (more…)

How ‘Me Time’ Can Make You A Better Mum.

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Do you ever:

  • Wonder when ‘things’ will get easier?
  • Crave for some time alone?
  • Wish your life came with a ‘pause’ button?
  • Feel it’s all getting a bit much?
  • Want to get away from it all?
  • Wish life could be simpler?

These thoughts and feelings are entirely normal and common to most mums. Is it really any wonder when we look at all the responsibilities we are carrying on our shoulders, making sure the family is okay and never considering our own needs? Sometimes, it really is okay to say, “Stop! I need some time out!” (more…)