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Free Yourself From Life’s Limitations

Negative thoughts will limit the way you live your life. Limiting beliefs prevent you from fulfilling your true aspirations and can destroy your confidence, self-esteem and ultimately your future.

If you are desperate to take control of your life’s direction, but have doubts and excuses that prevent the necessary changes from taking place, you will be harbouring damaging negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Do these statements sound familiar?

  • I won’t get the job so I shan’t waste time in applying.
  • I was hopeless at maths in school so how can I possibly help my daughter with her homework?
  • I’ve tried to lose weight so many times; I don’t see how this new diet could work.

These beliefs have the power to limit the potential of your life. They create a barrier between you and your greatest ambitions and aspirations, causing you to miss many exciting opportunities and even happiness. Limiting beliefs prevent us from being the best we can be.

Limiting beliefs are usually born out of past occurrences. If, as a child, you were persistently told you were dull, overweight or lazy, you may eventually start to believe these are accurate character traits. As an adult, these beliefs have become so ingrained, they prevent you from fulfilling your true potential. Unfortunately negative beliefs have a self-fulfilling prophecy and can therefore take control of your decisions and actions.

The great news is that you can break free from limiting beliefs. The first step is to identify all the negative perceptions you have about yourself. Write them all down so you can see them clearly. Now, take each thought in turn and try to identify how it has manifested itself. From where did this thought originate?

For example, if you were repeatedly told that you were lazy, identify who told you this. On what did they base this conclusion? Was their evaluation of you correct? What authority did they have to tell you this? And, most importantly, could they have been mistaken?

Once you have answered these questions, evaluate your current life. Are these traits and thoughts characteristic of the way you live your life now. The probable answer is that these thoughts are in no way representative of your current reality.

Next, identify all your goals and ambitions. Try to envisage yourself achieving these aspirations and identify how good this makes you feel. In order to make this a reality, you must let go of all the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your attempts at finding true success.

Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are normally founded on events of the past. Accept that you cannot do anything now to change the past and let it go. The past is the past – it is time to move on to a brighter future. Break free from ill-founded, self-depreciating beliefs and embrace a positive, happy and successful future.

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