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How to Stay Sane During The Summer Holidays

Monday, July 10th, 2017

This month’s Empower touched upon the topic of having a stress free summer. Continuing on from that theme I thought I’d delve a little deeper into once element that can have the biggest impact on keeping stress at bay. Planning.


The EM Quick Reference Guide To A Fun-Packed Summer!

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Empowering Mums is on a mission to make your summer holidays as fun-packed and stress-free as possible. This is why we have put together a list of great activities for you and your children to enjoy. You can refer back to this list time and again to maximise the time spent with the kids, and avoid any unnecessary boredom that might set in during the long weeks ahead!

1. Plan Events Together
Find out how each family member wants to spend their summer holiday and plan in everyone’s chosen activities. Make sure the wish list is realistic and try to fulfil everyone’s choices throughout the summer. (more…)