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Get The Best From Weekend Family Fun

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Weekends can suddenly disappear into a whirlwind of DIY, catching up with friends and and never-ending piles of ironing. However, the thing most parents want to do at the weekend is spend quality time with their kids. Making time for quality moments with your children can be tricky but not impossible, if you make it a priority. (more…)

Find Balance In Your Life

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Do you struggle to get everything done in the time you have?
Do you find you do more of the things you dislike than the things you enjoy?
Do you have little time for quality family fun and me time is something you only dream of?
Does work and commitments outside of family life take up the majority of your time?

Achieving a harmonious life balance can be challenging but it is not impossible. Once you have created a better balance, you will feel in control of your life and its direction, have more energy to do the things you want to do and find you actually enjoy the various aspects of your life that you may have started to resent. (more…)

Make The Most Of Your Time

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Mums’ Struggles Made Simple [MSMS]

Most mums I meet struggle to find enough time to do all the things they need and want to do. It is one of the greatest challenges most mums face, and having to juggle so many different roles and responsibilities leaves them experiencing a range of emotions including frustration, guilt and resentment.

If you struggle with time management and it often leaves you feeling unhappy, this quarter’s Mums’ Struggles Made Simple [MSMS] can help to improve your situation. I would like to invite you to complete this survey so I can understand the issues and challenges you face when it comes to time management.

The solutions to this survey will be posted to my blog in two parts – the first on 19th November and the second on 17th December.  All information shared by you will remain anonymous. I will not share your specific details with any other party.

And there’s more…

I will offer even more support by hosting regular MSMS Call In Sessions during November and December following survey completion in October. If you are struggling with a particular challenge, you can call me and receive 15 minutes complimentary 1:1 laser coaching! So please keep an eye on my blog for MSMS call-in details. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity!

I invite you to click here to take part in my Make The Most Of Your Time survey! I would be grateful if you could complete your survey by 31st October 2012.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey: your comments will remain confidential and I will provide feedback to the variety of issues you may be facing via my blog.

To stay up-to-date with all future references to Mums’ Struggles Made Simple, please follow my posts on the Empowering Mums Blog, via MSMS e-mails and on my Twitter and Facebook profiles. #MSMS

Wishing you confidence, balance and joy!
Tracey Wall

Professional Coach
Empowering Mums

PS In case you missed my solutions to the Find Your Ideal Life Balance survey posted to my blog last quarter, you can check out the solutions offered by clicking on August – Part 1 and September – Part 2.

Find Your Ideal Life Balance!

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Mums’ Struggles Made Simple [#MSMS]

Many thanks to all who took part in my Find Your Ideal Life Balance survey in July. It was useful for me to read your responses as I now have a very clear understanding of some of the specific challenges you face. I hope you find the solutions I provide to the first half of the survey practical and help you to start creating a much more balanced and enjoyable lifestyle. (more…)

Time And Mummy!

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Life as a busy mum is certainly a balancing act! When work is added to the other mum-related roles and responsibilities, life can seem pretty hectic. In our latest edition of Empower, we shared some tips to help you achieve a better work/life balance. One of those tips related to eliminating time wasters: identifying the unnecessary moments of your day that drain you of time. With some careful planning and brushing up your time management skills, you could claim back some much needed time! Here are some great tips to help… (more…)