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A Mother’s Day Message from Empowering Mums

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Wishing you a fabulous day, full of relaxation and special treats from your loved ones! Happy Mother’s Day!


Some days I swear I’ll change my name,
Never wanting to hear that word “mum” again.
Mum, can you do this? Mum, can you play?

A word I hear hundreds of times every day.
Whilst taking a bath or even sat on the loo,
Mum, can I come in, can teddy come too?
Mum, I am hungry,. Mum, if you please
and other riveting questions like these.
Mum is the chef, the cleaner, the friend,
Mum is the “baddy” in games of pretend.
Mum’s there for a cuddle whenever you weep.
Mum reads you stories and tucks you in to sleep.
Mum packs the picnic, and cooks all the teas.
Mum takes them puddle splashing in big, black wellies.
You’re the best ever mummy, I love you they call.
Maybe being called “mum’s” not so bad after all!

Melissa Williams. (more…)