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September; The New January: New Year, Fresh Start!

In this month’s newsletter we talked about new beginnings for us and our families at the start of the new academic year.  I explained the importance of taking time to focus on those goals and aspirations that may have been kept on a back burner for some time. Where January has traditionally been the month for fresh starts, many of the experts agree that September can be an equally good time to start over.

A week or so into the new school term, have you had any success with making time to focus on what you want? It’s ok if you haven’t, you may be waiting for things to settle with the children until you make some plans towards making 2017 your best year to date.
What changes did you wish for in your personal, business or family when you took the time over the summer to think about what really makes you happy? Do you have the support systems int place to pursue your goals? Are you confident in your ability to achieve them? Are they in alignment with the long term vision you have for your life and  the achievements of your children?

We’ve previously looked at core values and why it’s essential to be be clear on what makes you tick when looking at goals. You can find the blog that deals with that here. For many of us, our core values are like a compass always there to guide us back to North, no matter how lost we may get. They are almost like an internal barometer letting is know when we stray from what matters the most. If we pay attention to what we are being told, we enjoy the journey and usually end up not far off where we planned, if not, the journey becomes more difficult and the destination, no where near where we wanted to be.

Bearing this in mind, its worth looking a little deeper at the changes you wish for and checking they are in alignment with the things that matter most to you. If family and quality time are important to you, setting a goal that takes you away from both of those things, say a new job or working longer hours, you will find it difficult to remain inspired and motivated into action if the outcome won’t make you or the children happy.

Conversely, goals around cutting back on working hours or taking longer holidays are more likely to be ones you will try to work towards if the outcome means that you will be feeling aligned with your true purpose and what makes you and your children happy. Are there any incongruities between that the things you feel you want and your core values? Is there any way for them to be reconciled?

Deciding to make changes to improve your life is great, committing to putting into action the ideas to achieve the live you want is further than most people get, making sure that you’re working to what you want rather than what you think you should be doing, starts with knowing what matters most to you and what makes you happy. As long as you are living a life of joy, regardless of the outcomes, you are on the right path.

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and joy.

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