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Getting Your Mind Set For Success!

How do you feel when you hear people talk about mindset? Over the past few years, the idea that we have total control over what we think at any given time has become almost trendy. Perhaps, making it seem like the answer to any challenge in life is to throw fairy dust at it.

If all it took to achieve success were a positive state of mind, we would never have any problems achieving what we set out to. If only it were that simple. Maintaining a positive frame of mind when you’re tired, overwhelmed and under pressure can be challenging, to say the least. Does having a mindset for success mean feeling happy and positive at all times? Absolutely not but it does take practice.

As I mentioned in this months Empower, confidence is made up of two elements; mindset and courage. Aside from remaining optimistic, what does having a mindset for success actually mean?

Think about this, even the most successful, wealthy, happy people will go through the same emotions as the rest of us at some point in their life. They will all feel scared the first time they do something, disappointed if they miss out on an opportunity or devastated when they lose someone they love. What is that allows them to continue to be successful when going through a rollercoaster of emotions like the rest of us? Resilience: The ability to bounce back. Mindset is what enables resilience. We all have the capacity for resilience. It’s essentially making a choice to keep going – even when we don’t feel like it. Mindset is literally about shifting the way we think about something in order to help get a better outcome. Limiting beliefs around our circumstances or ourselves affect our confidence. If we want to break through these beliefs, we need to be prepared to challenge them and replace them with more useful thoughts and beliefs by adjusting our mindset.

Mindset is the difference between seeing a negative situation as a roadblock or as a challenge to face and get through, even if it feels scary. It can be hard if you don’t feel confident to do things outside your comfort zone. One way to start to feel confident is…to be it – or at least act it. The expression ‘fake it till you make it’ is spot on. The more you behave in a confident way, the more you will feel it over time. Adopting a growth mindset is feeling scared but using the fear as a reason to keep going rather than to stop. When working on mindset there are a couple of things you can do banish limiting beliefs:

  • Shut down negative self-talk and replace with positive talk

When negative self-talk kicks in you can respond to that voice with a louder more positive one. As time goes on you will become more aware of the negative voice and your ability to quieten it down with your loud positive voice.

  • Choose how you perceive things

How you choose to interpret setbacks and challenges is up to you. Bird mess on your new jacket can either be an expensive dry cleaning bill or the promise of some good luck heading your way. Which way you want to view it is up to you

  • Act on your positive mindset

There’s no point telling yourself lots of positive things if you aren’t going to act on them. Go and practice the positive things you’ve been telling yourself.

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and joy.

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