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Making Changes To Achieve Your Goals

My last blog covered gaining clarity from January reflection in order to stay on track with our goals. I highlighted the importance of taking a three-step approach to getting clarity around our goals to make it easier to successfully achieve what we set out to.Clarity is the first step, knowing the benefits is the second step, the final step is making sure the goal is a core goal, one that is directly linked to at lease one of our core values. This step makes feeling motivated or even inspired into action much easier as we are more invested in the outcome.

We have clarity, we know the benefits and we are inspired into action, now what?

We make the small changes to our daily routine necessary to make the big changes happen over time. It is true that the things that we want are not currently in our daily routine. What that means is in order to achieve the things we want, we need to do something different to what we currently do each day, consistently.

Change is uncomfortable for most of us. Half the battle is shifting our mindset from ‘this will be hard’ to ‘this challenge is an opportunity for growth’. Making changes is a challenge. The thing to remember is change doesn’t have to be all at once, it can be incremental. Every journey begins with a single step. All it takes is the courage to take that first step and have a go. When we chose to make a change for the better, we have nothing to lose and almost everything to gain. What small changes can you make today to get closer to achieving your goals?

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and joy.

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