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Gaining Clarity From January Reflection

This month’s newsletter covered resolutions and the fact that most are broken by 15th January every year due to a lack of willpower but perhaps more likely a lack of planning for success. Often the changes we want to make require a huge shift and it’s always easier to fall back into old habits than make new ones.

What can we do to help ourselves set goals we actually follow through with? The key to this is clarity. You may be clear that your goal is one that is for you rather than a ‘should’ goal. You may be satisfied there are some benefits to your goal, it’s unlikely that we would set a goal that holds no benefit for us.

The final piece of the puzzle is choosing a goal that is a ‘core’ goal for us. A core goal is one that relates directly to our core values. Our core values are what we live our life by even when we are not aware of it. They are based on the beliefs we have cemented over time, sometimes as result of our upbringing, other times they will have formed as a result of our own life experiences.

Living in alignment with our core values makes us happy, we feel like we are in the flow of life. When we are out of alignment with what matters most to us, we feel unhappy or unfulfilled. It’s often this feeling of unfulfilment that makes us want to set goals in the first place.

The higher up on the list our core value the easier it should be to stick to a goal associated with it. For instance a core goal for most of us is family. When we set a goal that is directly linked to improving our family life, e.g. spending more quality time doing activities to nurture our relationships with loved ones we are more likely to stick to them than a similar goal which isn’t directly linked to that core value.

An example of a non-core goal could be one around doing more exercise. We are clear it’s for us rather than some one else, we know the benefits of exercise but it may not be directly tied to our core value of family, so we don’t follow through with it. If we could turn exercise into something that is done as a family activity to spend quality time together, it becomes a much easier goal to stick to because it relates directly to a core goal.

We can increase the likelihood of success when goal setting, by anchoring that goal to a core value. If we are clear on the goals that are really important to achieve to live an easier, happier life and can see how they are directly linked to our core values, it makes it a lot easier to stay on track. Did you set any 2017 goals? Are you still on track with them?

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and joy.

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