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Planning the What, How and Actionable Steps Of Your 2017 Inspirational Vision

In my last post I spoke about getting clear on your Inspirational Vision and making sure it was what you wanted rather than what you thought you should want. I also explained the importance of your vision being in line with your core values in order for it to inspire you into action.

With the help of that blog, you should now have your Inspirational Vision in place. The next step is to work backwards from the end result to help you create the action plan and milestones that will lead you to achieve the success you want throughout 2017.

Hopefully, you are feeling highly motivated, encouraged and confident about achieving what you have set out to in the year ahead. You will also be full of belief in yourself and your capacity to deliver on whatever you set your mind to.

Here are some actions you can take to help break down your goals into manageable chunks:

  • Take each of your goals and work backwards to break down into a series of milestones or mini goals to measure your progress along the way
  • Begin by creating an action plan for the first milestone of the first goal you want to achieve. Breaking a goal into bite-size chunks helps keep it feeling manageable and helps with staying motivated
  • Take consistent daily action towards your milestone, remain focused creating an action plan for each subsequent milestone until you achieve your first goal of your 2017 Inspirational Vision
  • Remember to celebrate and reward yourself for achieving each milestone along your journey

If you face a hurdle or wobble alone the way, reread your 2017 Inspirational Vision and you brief ‘WHY’ outline to inspire and motivate yourself to continue making progress one-step at a time.

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and joy.

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