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Keep Calm, It’s Only Christmas

Preparing for Christmas is a bit like a marathon. You set off on the start line thinking how much you’ve got to do – the shopping, catering, decorating, sending cards and so on. Trying to respond to these demands whilst dealing with last minute costume dramas for the school panto can be a stitch waiting to happen! Have you considered how you’ll survive the actual day without something tripping you up? Over time, stress can build up, especially when you put yourself under immense pressure to conform to society’s traditions and expectations. Before you have a complete meltdown on what it supposed to be a fun occasion, here are some ideas to help you get over the finish line in one piece!

It is a simple thing that should come naturally but every once in a while, stop what you are doing and focus on your breathing. This will have a calming effect and give you time to realign your thoughts, enabling you to move on to each task in a methodical, stress-free way.

Get some sleep
Getting an early night before the big day might sound impossible but it is a good idea if your children are guaranteed to wake before dawn! Having plenty of energy will help you get through the enormity of the day and have fun with your family.

Share the load
Plan the day so you can allocate a job to everyone. Don’t be too proud to ask for help, as without it you’ll end up feeling resentful that you’re stuck slaving in the kitchen while everyone else is playing Twister!

Fresh air
The excited children and exhausted adults will all benefit from some fresh air in the afternoon. Take a stroll after lunch to diffuse any heightened emotions.

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and joy.

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