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Be a Fun Mum!

Fun and enjoyment should be vital to everything we do in life – otherwise what would be the point of the exciting adventure called life? Happiness comes from yourself but as a busy mum, the likelihood is your fun-time is at the very bottom of your list of priorities. Being a fun mum will make you a happier, more fulfilled woman who is in control of life and all its challenges!

A mum’s work is never done. Between keeping the house clean, doing the laundry, making meals and shuttling the family around to football practice or ballet lessons, mums have got their work cut out for them! But what about the fun part for themselves and what about the things that will make their child’s eyes glitter with anticipation and excitement at the prospect of having fun with mum?

As a mum, by introducing more fun into your life you will begin to enjoy a positive outlook on all you do. This will invigorate you and your general well being, helping you to maximise your enjoyment of being a happy woman and all the many roles this demands – mum, wife, partner, daughter, colleague, business woman and friend.

Focus on all the activities you really enjoy doing – even if some are hobbies you enjoyed before you had children. Make an assertive effort to reintroduce these activities into your schedule. ‘Me time’ is essential to being a happy, fulfilled mum. Ultimately remember that a happy, fulfilled mum is a relaxed and fun to be with mum!

Take this opportunity to identify new activities too. The summer is a great time to explore new outdoor activities that you can share with your children and friends. Look through your local newspaper for information about exciting activities planned for your area.

Having fun shouldn’t be something you have to remember to do. It should be a priority. Adding more fun, humour and happiness into your life will reduce stress and help you become more relaxed. It will also help avoid the staidness and rigidity that can creep into our parenting when we are tired and stressed, which impacts miserably for everyone.

Your children will love having so much fun with mum – so seize the day and start living a fun-filled, happy and joyful life!

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