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A Hop, Skip and a Jump Towards Happiness

Happiness seems such an easy state to achieve. However, the battle to maintain happiness by feeling good about yourself and your life can sometimes be arduous and challenging. Tracey Wall, professional personal coach and director of Empowering Mums, discusses the most challenging obstacle that prevents you from achieving true happiness and provides steps to achieving this balanced, fulfilled state.

If you feel under-valued and have little self-worth and self-esteem, it is little surprise that you don’t feel truly happy. Your greatest challenge is to accept change and allow it to enter your life. Making changes to your current lifestyle will help you open the door to happiness.

Don’t hold onto your past: let it go.
Identify all the experiences and influences that negatively impact your life. Realise these are all related to the past and accept there is nothing you can now do about them. Leave them there, learn from them, let go and move on.

Value the real you.
With all the many roles you fulfil as a mother, you probably put your own needs after everyone else’s. Although this is incredibly virtuous, it is not helping you find true happiness. Always remember that taking care of yourself and your well-being will make you a stronger, better mother. Value what you have to offer and know you are as worthy as everyone else – even your children.

Prioritise your needs.
Learning to say “no” can be a daunting task. Stop putting pressure on yourself by fulfilling the needs and wants of others. Instead identify the things you want to do. If anything is asked of you that interferes with your ability to achieve your goals, say “no” or offer to do it according to your own terms.

Become fearless.
Fearing the unknown is stopping you enjoying new life experiences – and ultimately achieving true happiness. Take a step-by-step approach to overcoming your fears and you will be on your way to living a life according your values and beliefs.

A number of quick-fix tips can offer happiness but remember to integrate these into everyday life to nurture these new habits and enjoy continuous fulfilment and satisfaction:

Find time to have a good laugh with your partner, children, parents and friends. It reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Give it a whirl – have a good giggle!

Be healthy.
Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle will make you feel much better. Choose exercises that you enjoy, which will help you stick at them for the long-term.

Keep a diary.
Writing down your feelings can release pent-up thoughts and emotions. Explore your feelings to the issues you write about. Write about both positive and negative experiences. This will help you to understand more about your reactions to these events and empower you to deal with future situations in a positive manner.

Ultimately, you must give yourself the opportunity to be happy. Accept all that has happened to you is in the past and identify all the ambitions you want to achieve in your future. With a positive mental attitude, you can achieve anything and therefore enjoy and cherish true happiness.

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